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Introducing Keune!!

Hair in the City is extremely excited to be partnered with Keune Hair Care! This amazing brand has stood the test of time and has a product to achieve all hair and scalp needs. 

Keune is cruelty-free and has constant sustainability goals they strive towards. The brand has been a constant presence in the hair industry since 1922 which customers can love and rely on. Keune is a community-based brand and see the hair salons they partner with as a family. This is why we at Hair in the City feel they are the perfect brand to build a relationship with.

At Hair in the City, we are passionate about providing for our customers' wide-ranged needs, and the help of Keune will transform our ability to help our wonderful clients. Here are some of the products we are currently obsessed with…

derma activate shampoo

Derma Activate is the perfect product for slowing down hair loss. This award-winning product transforms your hair health to make you look and feel your best!!

Through the use of Vitamin H, this shampoo improves the quality of the keratin inside your hair, which is like building blocks. 

Stronger keratin means stronger hair that’s less likely to fall out. Keep using Derma Activate Shampoo and with time, your hair will be thicker, and more voluminous, and your scalp will function better.

derma exfoliate shampoo

Derma Exfoliate is the ideal product for those who struggle with hair issues such as dandruff. This product uses Octopirox which soothes the scalp and clears away any visible signs of dandruff. The shampoo’s antibacterial properties soothe your itchy, irritated scalp. 

The result: a scalp that works as it’s supposed to and lovely, healthy hair.

If you have been struggling with your hair and scalp health, this may be the perfect product for you. It is important to book in with one of our highly trained stylists who will be able to prescribe the best products for your hair goals. 

derma regulate shampoo

One shampoo we are O B S E S S E D with is Derma Regulate. This shampoo aims to restore the natural balance of the scalp to reach its healthiest and happiest state. 

Derma Regulate Shampoo is tough on grease but mild on your hair. This product gives you the best of both worlds with protecting and replenishing your hair and scalp. 

With repeated use, expect a soothed, clean scalp, a nice ‘n fresh feeling and beautifully soft hair.

Make sure to book in with one of our incredibly talented stylists to get the perfect products for your hair goals. 

derma sensitive shampoo

If you suffer from psoriasis, Derma Sensitive is the product for YOU! Keune made the derma-sensitive shampoo for those of us with sensitive skin. Expertly made with allergen-free ingredients this shampoo reduces redness, itching, and irritation.

It’s formulated without sulfites, alcohol, and colour additives and has a low-allergen fragrance. So, there is no need to worry about a severe reaction to this product which you may have experienced from other brands in the past. 

With dedicated use of at least 4 to 5 months, you can expect a calm, soothed scalp, and soft, healthy hair. What’s not to love!! 

As always, if you are interested in taking the step towards the hair of your dreams, make sure to book with one of our Hair in the City stylists for the correct prescription for your dream hair!

All of us at Hair in the City are incredibly excited to be integrating Keune into our brand identity and cannot wait to help all of our customers reach their hair goals and dreams through the help of clean, tailored, high-quality products for your hair. 



Find us at:

 14 High Street, City Centre, Glasgow, G1 1NL


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