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Our Glowwa Obsession!!

Over the past few months, some stylists have trialed the Glowwa hair food capsules. 

Glowwa capsules

Having initially been skeptical of how well they will work, the reviews since have been G L O W I N G!!

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Magazines that feature Glowwa

You may be asking yourself “What on earth is this??". Let us introduce you to…

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There are 2 products in the Glowwa range - Hair Food and Hair Food Meno. 

Hair Food is a multi-award-winning, vegan-friendly hair supplement that is loved and recommended by hair professionals for its results-driven formula. Benefits resulting from continued use range from increased hair health, to glowing skin and stronger nails. 

Hair Food Meno is a menopause-specific food supplement expertly formulated to maintain hair health and well-being before, during, and beyond menopause.

However, it is important to note that Meno is not all it seems. This product is also incredibly beneficial for men!! This is because the same nutrients are required to promote male hair growth and skin health that are also needed for menopausal women. 

Men do not let the name deter you, this product is an absolute game changer for anyone to improve their hair health!!

Some of the main differences seen in our experiences are 

  • Increased energy levels

  • Glowing skin

  • Decrease in hair shedding (even with postpartum hair loss playing a role)

  • Decreased hair breakage 

Clients are commenting on how good our stylist’s hair looks after using these capsules consistently. 

For more information about how Glowwa has us OBSESSED! Ask us in the salon about our experiences with the product. 



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