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Summer Style Inspo? We've got you covered

Summer Style Inspo? 

At Hair in the City, we are all for perfecting the latest summer trends. Each stylist has their prediction as to what the style of the summer will be.

Looking for some inspo?  Look no further!

Hailey Beiber - long bob

Louise is predicting the return of the Long Bob. This iconic style from the 90s has made a major resurgence recently, partly due to Miss Hailey Beiber. With over 52 million followers on Instagram, she has sway over upcoming trends and gives us incredible inspiration!!! 

This hairstyle is much sharper and polished. Lousie is betting much sleeker styles are coming back into style this year!!

Is this your next look? Make sure to book at Hair in the City for your summer refresh. 

bouncy blow dry

Lyla and Erin agree that the most popular hairstyle this summer will 100% be a bouncy blow dry!!

The bouncy blow dry all over Pinterest and we could not be happier. This style is an iconic look from the 70s that is making a major resurgence this year. 

We absolutely adore doing a bouncy blow-dry at the salon. It gives a chic and vibrant look to your hair giving it some added lift. 

With nearly 11,000 TikToks with #bouncyblowdry, we are confident we will be seeing this look A LOT this summer… And we can’t wait!

Ready for the bouncy blow-dry of your dreams? Book with Hair in the City now through our website. 

beach waves

Shelby has looked into her crystal ball and predicts that beachy waves will be at the forefront of trends this summer!

This style is seen all across celebrity Instagram pages and is a constant favourite of ours.

This unrivalled classic hairstyle boosts the volume of your hair and is a great balance between straight and curly hair. 

Make sure to book with us at the Hair in the City website to unleash your beachy wave dreams without that pesky ocean damaging your hair!


Caidan is placing her bets on blonding services being the front-runner this summer! 

Although blonde hair is popular all year round, there is a boom in blondes during the summer months as clients want a brighter and lighter look for the season of sun. 

Although this look is a must-have this year we must stress that you can only achieve the perfect blonde for your skin type in a salon!! 

When you leave it up to the professionals we can match the blonde perfectly to your skin tone while applying it safely. We will also advise you on how best to protect and nourish your colour so make sure you get booked in now!!

We are completely obsessed with all of these looks and cannot wait to give our clients the best look possible this summer! Make sure to book through the link on our website. See you soon!!!



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