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Updated: Jun 13

The summer months are officially here and we cannot wait to bask in the rays. But what about our hair? How is it affected during the fun in the sun? 

An easy way to tell if your hair has been damaged by the sun is the identification of split ends and drying out. You will also notice that your ends are brittle, dry, and break off easily, causing thinning. Frizziness and discolouration for recently colour-treated hair are other confirmatory signs.

No need to fear!! We are here to help! It is important to understand how this happens as well as how to prevent it.

There are 2 main culprits of sun damage 

  1. Heat - When heat is applied, the natural oils are stripped from your hair, and the water molecules evaporate, changing the hair's protein structure.

  2. Humidity - When it's humid, and there's lots of moisture in the air, water molecules enter the hair strand and bind to the proteins inside. This process causes your hair to 'forget' its styled shape and go back to being 'au naturel'. When that happens in varying degrees over your head of hair, the result is frizz.

When your hair doesn’t cooperate it can put a damper on your sunny day. It is important to get into the habit of hair care and protection to look and feel your best. Build the habits now, so you don’t need to worry about it in the future. 

In the coming months it is expected to get hot, hot, hot and we all remember our sun cream for our skin but forget about our hair. It is important to make use of protective headwear to shield the scalp! 

With so many different styles and colours, a hat can be the perfect accessory to your outfit as well as offering

protection from the sun’s UV rays that can dry out your hair.

As well as this, we recommend integrative products into your hair care routine to combat dryness and frizziness. We recommend using products from the Kenue range. 

The Keune Color Brillianz Shampoo and Conditioner is considered the best because it offers UV protection properties.

As well as this, the Style Hot Iron Spray is a saving grace in the sun! This product forms a protective shield from heat up to 230°C. Just mist hair for 92% less breakage, more natural shine – and extra protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

We will definitely have this on hand at all times during the summer months!! It is also important to keep your hair MOISTURISED!!! It is the way to combat humidity in the warmer months. There are a mountain of products available to moisturise your hair and it is important to use the right product for your hair type. 

     The Leyton House 6 in 1 all purpose leave in treatment is our best selling product and an absolute game changer!! Not only does it offer sun protection, it is a dream in a bottle for healthy hair. 

It's also important to think about split ends. GHD rehab reduces the look of split ends with built in heat protection. A 2 for 1, who could resist!

Here’s what you need to remember:

  • The main causes of sun damage are heat and humidity 

  • Hats are great accessories AND protect your hair from UV rays


Enjoy the summer, you deserve it!!

For repairing heat damage, we recommend the Keune revive balm. This product keeps in moisture and reduces breakage and colour fade.

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